'Math-Expression Evaluator
'Updated: Sept. 10, 2001
'This source code is simply extracted (with minor modifications) from the source code of QEDTukak 1.52
'originally written by Achilles B.Mina.
'You can use this file as a module in your program for the evaluation of
'user-entered mathematical expressions (like i.e. sin(.1)^2-3e2*ln(tan(.1*PI))).
'Simply call the function "EvaluateExpression(MathString$, DRGMode)" from your main program:
'MathString$ is the string to be evaluated (passed BYREF)
'DRGMode=0 for deg, DRGMode=1 for rad, DRGMode=2 for grad
'The global variable "EvaluateErrorFlag" can be used for error checking
'Have a look at eval_tst.qb as a simple example)

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