In this distribution I have included some utilities to make coding easier,
and some reeeeeeeeaaaaly coool components that run on windows!

All source codes are FREEWARE and provided as-is
No refund if you your remote loses its controls ;)

Compiler utility that uses the command line to compile your code,
with the option of running it in 3 (not 4 -cgi!) different platforms:
GUI (Windows) /CONSOLE (DOS?)/GTK (Linux).
You can include icons, compile in bytecode, and have the option of
running your applications immediately after compiling (this is not the

CodeBox needs to be in the directory of Rapid-Q or else it won't work.

KBDIAG: (Virtual Key Checker)
Check a Virtual Key Value for your application.
Right now, it only supports Key presses, not shift, etc...

Component that supports images and kinda looks like
a status bar seen in Internet Explorer.

An extension of QEdit with Auto Complete!
It needs shlwapi.dll to run.

An extension of QComboBox with Auto Complete!
It needs shlwapi.dll to run.

An extension of QForm with a timer that goes off at a specified time!

An extension of QForm that can be controlled by setting certain active
keys to virtual key codes.

In order for you to get some virtual key codes, I suggest using KBDIAG
or for their constant values.

An extension of QObject that was originally designed to control any
QObject, but is incompatible with some objects that do not support keys.

An extension of QForm (the frame part) that can be dragged onto your form at runtime!
It is a stand-alone component and uses the mouse events.
It does not support resizing yet.
Drag and drop objects at runtime, like in Rapid-Q's IDE !

Oh yeah, OCC stands for Object Component Control, my choice of naming extensions for components!

If anyone can get QBlink to work, I would appreciate it :)


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