Documentation component by D.Glodt (c)2000-2004 Appendix A: QBitmapEx

QBitmapEx Component

QBitmapEx is a control as a QBitmap with extensions of  méthods.
The loading of other graphic formats as well as the storage to Jpg format are possible

          if the DLL Nviewlib is present in the system window or the directory of application.

QBitmapEx Properties
Field Type R/W Default

PenSize Long RW 1
Pen size for draw  line,rectangle and circle RW
Pen style , the others values are:

QBitmapEx Methods
Method Type Description Params

DrawIco SUB(left%,top%,width%,height%,handle%) Draw an icon 3
If the width and height parameters  are  0,the icon will show with his dimensions by défault.
CopyToClipboard SUB Copy image to clipboard 0
PasteFromClipboard SUB(x%,y%) Paste the image of clipboard 2
GetWidthClipboard FUNCTION as INTEGER Return the image width  of clipboard 0
GetHeightClipboard FUNCTION as INTEGER Return the image height of clipboard 0
CanPaste FUNCTON as BOOLEAN Return true if image présent in the clipboard 0
Circle SUB(x1%,y1%,x2%,y2%,c%) Draw a circle 5
CircleFilled SUB(x1%,y1%,x2%,y2%,c%,Fill%) Draw a circle filled 6
Rectangle SUB(x1%,y1%,x2%,y2%,c%) Draw a rectangle 5
RectangleFilled SUB(x1%,y1%,x2%,y2%,c%,Fill%) Draw a rectangle filled 6
RoundRect SUB(x1%,y1%,x2%,y2%,x3%,y3%,c%) Draw a round rectangle 7
RoundRectFilled SUB(x1%,y1%,x2%,y2%,x3%,y3%,c%,Fill%) Draw a round rectangle filled 8
Line SUB(x1%,y1%,x2%,y2%,c%) Draw a line 5
FillSurface SUB(x%,y%,c%) Fill the surface pointed by the color of pixel x,y 3
TextOut SUB(x%,y%,s$,fc%,bc%) Draw  text 5
InvertColor SUB(x%,y%,width%,height%) Invert color 4
Mirror SUB(x%,y%,width%,height%) Make a miror x 4
Flip SUB(x%,y%,width%,height%) Make a miror y 4
LoadOtherImage SUB(FileName$,Progress&,Language$) Load image from dll Nviewlib format 3
The parameter progress is use to display a bar of  progression 
during the loading of file.(true or false) 
The Language parameter corresponds to the language supported by
SaveAsJpg SUB(FileName$,Quality&) Save image to jpg format 2
The Quality parameter corresponds to the storage quality.

QBitmapEx Events
Event Type Occurs when... Params

QBitmapEx Example

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